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Our Economy

High taxes and a bleak long-term financial outlook scares new business from entering the state and chasing existing businesses to neighboring ones. Growing our economy starts with getting Illinois’ fiscal house in order by pushing the politicians in Springfield to live within their means and stop saddling taxpayers with more taxes.


On the Grayslake Village Board, Adam adhered to a simple philosophy: balanced budgets and not burdening taxpayers with government debt. This approach enables Grayslake to remain one of two debt-free municipalities in Illinois. This is the leadership Adam plans to bring to Springfield.

Families First

The COVID-19 pandemic placed intense pressure on families, made only more difficult by closed schools and kids falling behind in their education. Adam supports parents, not bureaucrats in Springfield, as the primary voice determining their child's academic career. 

Our Communities

To keep communities safe, we must protect those who protect us. Adam stands with our law enforcement community and opposes any effort to defund or reduce police funding. He supports providing them with the tools, training, and resources they need to do their job effectively, just as he's done as a Grayslake Village Board member.

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